About US

the diamond Pillar team

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Adam G Roth
Enterprise Digital Marketing Strategist

Aaron M. Perelman
google analytics lead & seo trends consultant

Travis L. Grubesky
Social Media Specialist / Independent Consultant

Daniel K. Johnson
Project Management Coordinator

Derek Shirey
Technical Lead, website development freelancer

Kayla R. Schonthaler
Senior Content Strategist / Freelance writer

Aman Gupta
Machine Learning and Algorithm Consultant

Lead Website Development Consultant

Steve Livingston
Web Developer, App Developer/ Senior Software Engineer


SPECIALIZATION: Website Development, dev-ops, software engineering, web-based applications, mobile applications

FULL-TIME POSITION: Innovator & Sr. Software Engineer @ UPMC Enterprises

CONSULTING COMPANY: SteversIO – Software engineering at enterprise scale. Premium websites and scalable applications

Resume available upon request or on linkedIn.

Why us

We Always Deliver

Diamond Pillar is the digital marketing solution you have been looking for. We have one priority when delivering out services- to make you more money. We take our job very seriously and only accept highly serious clients. We always deliver outstanding ROI on our projects and have a current track record of increasing our past clients’ revenue 100% of the time. To date, we have NEVER had a client who didn’t achieve a significant ROI when contracting our services

Our Company Structure

Diamond Pillar is structured to deliver optimal results for our clients. All of our consultants are chosen from among the top 1% of digital marketers in the world. It was clear to us from the beginning that conventional methods of acquiring and implementing digital marketing services were entirely inadequate. Over the past 10 years, we have seen far too many business owners inadvertently stunt the growth of their own companies by either trying to learn and implement technical SEO themselves or hiring an inexperienced full-time employee to take over this role only to eventually seek out other options.

Proven Service Record

We only hire the best of the best. Check out the ‘meet the team‘ section below for a sample of the Diamond Pillar SEO & digital marketing team. If you think our service sounds too good to be true, be sure to stop by our portfolio page to see examples of our past and current client projects. If you would like more information regarding our services, you can view the individual SEO, website design, PPC, and social media management pages, or contact us directly with any questions you may have.

Our MIssion

To help your business more effectively distribute your product, service, or ideas. Diamond Pillar was created with one goal in mind – boosting your business in a cost effective and transparent manner. Our unique business structure and devotion to transparency removes the risk associated with conventional digital marketing contracts. We take every reasonable step to remove the black box from SEO and stay as far away from slimly marketing & black hat tactics as possible. Our model of operation ensures that as a business owner you can reliably leave business expansion in our hands and redirect your efforts back into what you do best – providing a high quality service to you customers.